Venue: Market Theatre

Date: 30 September- 24 October 2023

Time: 13:00

The exhibition runs until the 24 October 2023 





Ryan Enslin: Reflections from a custodian of moments at the Market Theatre

Joburg-based photographer and writer Ryan Enslin shares a selection of intimate moments, captured over the last four years, in his first solo exhibition Reflections from a custodian of moments. Showing at the Market Theatre complex and opening during the Joburg iteration of the WOMAD South Africa festival, the exhibition invites the viewer to look through the lens with the artist as he captures unique angles of everyday occurrences.

From lamenting the loss of a friend, to the unexpected inspiration imparted from a child at story time and personal learnings from a ballerina in an abandoned hospital, Enslin applies his left-of-centre blend of storytelling and lensing ability to make sense of the world around him. Reflections from a custodian of moments also marks the artists first foray into showcasing his work.

“I felt the time was right to start sharing my work with a wider audience, especially the pieces I was most passionate about. Each photograph in the show has a story that lies close to my heart, and I’m rather keen to see other people’s reactions to these photographs.”

“This body of work is my attempt to record my inner-most thoughts and feelings as a reaction to circumstances I found myself in. By implication, to stop, consider and frame an image based on how the particular situation made me feel; and how I interacted with it on a spiritual level,” Enslin explains. Reflections from a custodian of moments is curated by Sara Hallatt of the Meta Foundation.


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