Date: Saturday 29 June 2024

Time: 12:30 am – 3:30 pm

Venue: Meta Foundation, 4th floor, Studio 401 and Studio 403, August House, 76 End Street, Doornfontein





Participating artists
Bekezela Mabena
Blessing Blaai
Johan Stegmann
Melissa Haiden
Lisa Younger
Tamia Saunders
Winter Harvest Table Lunch with  2 solo exhibition walkabouts

Canapé lunch

A walkabout with 2 artists

Where do I go when I want home? – a solo exhibition by Nene Mahlangu

In the heart of our human experience lies an eternal quest for a place to call home, not merely in the physical sense, but in the depths of our souls. “Where Do I Go When I Want Home”, a solo show by Nene Mahlangu, explores this poignant journey through a rich tapestry of artistic expression, drawing inspiration from Zoe Modiga’s evocative song lyrics and the intricate pathways of self-discovery.

Insizi Ye Bhodwe (The pain of the Pot) – a solo exhibition by Lindo Zwane

Lindo Zwane’s solo exhibition, INSIZI YE BHODWE investigates the gaze on informal traders, particularly, the working women of the Kwa Mai Mai market. The artist focuses on how these women navigate cooking on open fires, defying what is traditionally a man’s job, to provide for their families in an urban environment where they are publicly scrutinized and simultaneously the subjects of a desensitized type of slum tourism.

Bekezela Mabena

Bekezela Mabena
Bekezela Mabena (b. 1996) is a talented visual artist based in South
Africa. He spent a significant part of his childhood in Zimbabwe before
returning to South Africa in 2008. Bekezela‘s artistic journey began during
his time at Jiyana Secondary School in Tembisa where he developed a
passion for visual arts. His dedication and skill was recognized where he
received the Matric 2017 Visual Arts Award. He completed his Third Year
of study at Artist Proof Studio in 2020 and is currently enrolled in the
Senior Graduate Programme.

Blessing Blaai

Blessing N Blaai
Blaai (b. 1994) is a painter, a print maker and a muralist. His first
look on into art was through the 32 Flavours Art Studios where he
learned how to draw and do prints (amongst other techniques ).
He went on to study printmaking at the Artist Proof Studio in
Johannesburg for 3 years. His work explores the realm behimd the
seen, the unconscious and spiritual realms.

Johan Stegmann

Johan Stegmann
Stegmann (b. 1988) describes his preferred mediums as “Charcoal,
Etchings and Explosions”. His practice applies the aesthetic and
technical skills of etching and charcoal as mediums utilized in the
Renaissance and Romantic art eras associated with Western classicism.
As a point of entry, he utilizes this sensibility to entice the viewer into
detailed – almost miniature – narratives rooted in historical legacies and
fallacies. He presents ideas of erasure by surreptitiously inserting
iconography borrowed from popular culture, political figures and various
South Africa held wars to denote paradoxical perspectives on the duality
of contemporary identity in general and his Afrikaans upbringing

Melissa Haiden

Melissa Haiden
Melissa Haiden graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2009,
with an Honours Degree in Theatre and Performance.
Haiden’s work is inspired by strong dualities, living in a world that flips
between voyeurism and exhibitionism and plays on the tension between
two points such as contentment and chaos and the private vs public. Her
work, inspired by her background in physical performance, is
interdisciplinary and varies between mediums, however, is largely
expressed through video and live performance, oils acrylic and

Lisa Younger

Lisa Younger
Lisa obtained a BA Dramatic Art (with Honours) from Wits University in
1994, where she majored in performance studies and theatre
design/scenography. Since then, she has worn many hats (Props master
/ scenic painter / set-designer / puppet maker / Muppet wrangler /
costume and set designer) and helped to create the visual world for
numerous live performance pieces and television programmes

Tamia Saunders

Tamia Saunders
Born in 1997, Tamia, is a Johannesburg- based, multidisciplinary artist.
Her work combines practices of painting, mixed media, and printmaking
which she uses to explore her expressionistic portraits.
Her work, which is self -referential, explores her thoughts and emotions
relative to her identity and the shifting world within which she exists. Each
piece serves as an extension of her past and present self, the lessons
she has learned and her subsequent growth. Her portraits feature
exaggerated figures, melting eyes, and her use of sometimes unnatural
colours, which embody her emotions at the time of creating each piece.

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