A relational conversation about presence

29 May – 29 June 2022

Studio 401, 4th Floor, North Tower, August House
76 End Street, Doornfontein




The group exhibition of sculpture looks to the body of work of four very different artists working across mediums. All the artists’ practices have some focus on the question of presence.


Curator Sara Hallatt looks to unpack the ideological concept of words and ideas over presence. What is more important? Our ability to sit around a table or the words we say while there? As artworks can be seen as objects, in some ways, so are people – in and of themselves. Do words and ideas take up space? Can words and ideas relate to each other in the same way that one object relates to another?


Participating artists include:

Beth Diane Armstrong (Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year 2017)

Michele Rolstone (RMB Talent Unlocked 2021)

Nkhensani Rihlampfu (Absa L’Atelier Award winner 2019) &

Simon Moshapo