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AUGUST HOUSE X Artist Studio Tours LIVE.

Unleash your imagination and step into the captivating realm of artistry! Are you fascinated by the creative process and eager to witness the magic behind stunning masterpieces? Look no further, as our exclusive Visual Artists’ Studio Tours are here to satiate your artistic appetite!

Discover August House: Embark on an extraordinary journey through the heart of the artistic process. Our studio tours grant you unparalleled access to the private sanctuaries of talented visual artists. Step into their world, where blank canvases come to life and sculptures take form from raw materials. This immersive experience unveils the story behind each brushstroke and chisel mark, allowing you to connect with art on a deeper level.

The Tour: Our guided tours are led by passionate experts who have an intimate understanding of the artists’ techniques, styles, and motivations. Discover their artistic philosophies, learn about their creative influences, and gain insight into the sparks that ignite their imagination. It’s a chance to connect with the artists in a personal and meaningful way, fostering a new appreciation for their work.

August House is located at 76 end street. Parking is limited. You can Uber to the location or use the underground parking facilities. The tour is R400 for adults and R80 for kids under 18 (minimum booking 4 people and maximum booking 12).

You must pre-book your tour 72 hours prior to you wanting to come on the tour.

Card and cash payments accepted.
Amahle Suthane- Tour Guide

Amahle Suthane is a young content creator based in Johannesburg. She has an interest in South African contemporary art and in enlightening tourists and locals about art as a practice. Amahle worked at August House for more than a year and has developed relationships with the artists in the space. She is fun and friendly and is looking forward to hosting you as you meander through the space. Perhaps she may persuade you to buy some beautiful work for your home or office.

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