Meta foundation x Soda Studios x Gordon Froud present


7 February 2022
Virtual META world
Soda Studios, Nugget Square, Johannesburg


A Metaverse exhibition of artworks by Gordon Froud


Geometry has been around long before human beings were able to name it. It permeates the universe and nature. Ancient civilisations thought about geometry as being something sacred, provided by the gods and used it to understand how the entire universe worked from the smallest grain of sand to the ever-expanding universe. Using geometry as a lens, we are able to look back into ancient and indigenous forms of knowledge. Sacred geometry therefore could be considered as a pattern of existence. It highlights notions of beauty and its manifestations in the world around us. It looks at the intricacies of how beauty is constructed and how this notion is organized in forms that we engage with on a daily basis.


Of course, once the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence were discovered, it was found to appear all around us in the proportions of crystals, viruses, animals, music, architecture and art. Can we innately sense sacred geometry? Is beauty innate because geometry is innate or is beauty truly subjective?


Gordon Froud’s work brings to our attention the simplistic and yet sophisticated formal qualities of geometry. By using found objects, the artist has found ways to reveal and reflect this geometry to the viewer and its permanence in our lives?