27 February 2023









Zenande Mketeni  multi-disciplinary artist.

LGBTQIA+ Studio Exchange Winner- Zenande Mketeni

Zenande Mketeni is a muti-disciplinary artist who working across printmaking, photography, sculpture, video, and performance art. Born and raised in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape she moved to Pretoria to study and practice art. She graduated with a National Diploma in Fine Art at the University of Johannesburg and has been developing and exploring her art ever since.

Zenande’s work revolves around spiritual dispossession, culture and heritage which she uses as a tool to unearth the important role women play within African society.  She explores the representation of black Xhosa women and the spaces in which they reside because she believes that black women contribute to the cultural theologies in South Africa. In the current patriarchal society, we live in, women get little to no recognition within their cultures and communities. Zenande’s work fashions a matriarchal world where human, spiritual and cultural potential occurs – a world where women reign supreme.

The Artist says “Many cultures and traditions describe processes of development that suggest an engagement with dimensions and aspects of reality that transcend space and time. Nothing is ever what it seems.