Date: Sunday, 29 October- 29 November 2023

Venue: Meta Foundation, 4th floor, Studio 401, August House, 76 end street, Doornfontein

This exhibition runs until the 29 November 2023





Participating artists
Solo exhibition - Insizi Ye Bhodwe an Offering by Lindo Zwane

In his new exhibition Lindo Zwane introduces viewers to the working women of Kwa Mai Mai. This multi-disciplinary artist partners with the META foundation to present his solo exhibition at #AugustHouse #OpenStudios which took place on Sunday 29th of October.

The exhibition titled, INSIZI YE BHODWE translates to “The Pain Of The Pot” and refers to the residue left on steel pots after being used over open fires. Zwane’s new series of charcoal drawings serves as a visual archive of the women who work at Kwa Mai Mai. Through frequent visits and trust built over a year of engagements, the artist pays homage to their way of life, which also holds personal significance for him.

Using charcoal on canvas, Zwane portrays the contrasting realities that the women face in their working environment. He protects their identities by depicting scenes where thick smoke covers their faces. By including fire, wood, and steel pots in his drawings, he emphasises how basic household items are used to generate an income in the market. The exhibition comments on social and economic issues like dark tourism, displacement, informal trading and women-led households.

Curator, Palesa Suthane, from the GRAND AFRICAN ART SOCIETY, describes the exhibition as a heartfelt tribute to the women who support their families by selling food in the city. It acknowledges their sacrifices and all that remains unknown about them to their customers. It celebrates their dedication to their trade and their resilience in finding success in Johannesburg, known as the city of gold.

Lindo Zwane

Lindokuhle Zwane was born in 1992 in Newcastle, South Africa. His artistic mediums include; paintings, charcoal drawings and printmaking. He studied printmaking at Artist Proof Studio, where he also worked as a drawing facilitator for 3 years.

In 2017, Zwane was awarded second prize (the Ekurhuleni prize) in one of the country’s most prestigious art competitions, the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards. At the same competition 3 years later, Zwane won a painting merit award.

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