Artistic statement writing workshop
May – June 2021
August House, Johannesburg


The META foundation, in partnership, with Nolan Stevens hosted a workshop aimed at practising artists who are interested in understanding the tools and techniques required to write about their practice. The workshop aimed to provide a voice for artists to detail and document the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of their practice. The workshop resulted in the artist understanding how to write a statement going forward as well as having a completed statement for their current body of work.



The workshop took place over the course of 6 weeks with a 2-hour/week. Participants were expected to do between 2 hours of work on their own weekly. The workshop was hosted on zoom and covered the following topics:

  • Finding a unique voice to explain your practice
  • Understanding your audience
  • Digging into the medium
  • Digging into the meaning
  • Incorporating your personality into the statement
  • Writing in the active voice
  • Proof reading / proof readers



The workshop was attended by 6 artists mostly from South Africa, with one participant dialling in from Nigeria. The participating artists were: Bingo Kondwe (SA), Jess Le Roux (SA), Judith Dyeme Daduut (Nigeria), Kamogelo Walaza, Matshelane Xhakaza and Xanthe Jackson.

Event Photos